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600 tph Granite Crushing Plant in Ghana

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What is the Capacity of PF1315 Impact Crusher?

Date: 08-01-2017     From: Fote Machinery     Author: admin

PF1315 impact crusher is one of the hot sell crushing equipment on the market, recently many users consult how many tons PF1315 impact crusher can produce per hour, because the equipment capacity is influenced by many factors, the capacity of same type impact crusher may be different too, so how many tons does one PF1315 impact crusher produce per hour?How to improve its production capacity? Let’s learn together.


The capacity analysis about PF1315 impact crusher


There is PF1315 impact crusher’s parameter:

Specification: Ø 1320 x 1500 mm  Inlet Size: 860*1520 mm  Power: 200 kw  Max feeding size: 500 mm  Production capacity : 130 ~ 250 t/h

From the above data, PF1315 impact crusher’s unit capacity can reach as high as 250 t, which can meet some users’ conventional production, but because of the equipment capacity is influenced by many factors, thus PF1315 impact crusher’s theoretical capacity and actual capacity have a certain error, and the user shall be subject to the actual production capacity.

impact crusher


The influential factors of PF1315 impact crusher's productivity


1)The hardness of material;In the field of industrial production, a variety of materials are used for crushing, there are so many differences among them such as the material’s property, size, hardness, viscosity and so on. The harder the material is, the harder it is to crush, and the wear of the equipment is more serious, the crushing speed is slow, of course, the crushing capacity is small, and the unit capacity is low.

2)Humidity of material;When the material contains too much moisture, it's easy to adhere in the impact crusher and jam in the process of the material transporting, then causing low crushing ability, so while the users are crushing large-humidity material, they can use the sunshine or another dry way to reduce the percentage of moisture in the material.

3)Feeding Granularity; Feeding grain size is an important factor affecting equipment capacity. The largest feeding particle size of PF1315 impact crusher is 500 mm. If the feeding grain size is small, the crushing is easy and the time is short; If the size is big, the crushing is difficult and the time is long. That is the so-called more crushing less grinding , so the feeding grain size may also affect impact crusher’s production capacity.


How to improve the production capacity of PF1315 impact crusher?


1) Good quality; High-quality impact crusher is the basis of normal production. The quality of PF1315 impact crusher should be superior, so that the equipment can be stable during the production process and the production capacity can be guaranteed.

2) Rigidly control the material's feeding granularity; During the production process of impact crusher, the operator should strictly control the material feeding size, if the material volume is too large, the material collides the vibrating screen for a long time, can cause mesh deformation and also lead to large unqualified material directly into the crushing equipment cavity, which not only reduces the production yield, but also accelerate the loss of impact crusher, especially make more serious wear for vulnerable parts.

3)Convenient transportation channel; When the impact crusher is in the operational process, it is stay in high speed running and high efficiency production stage. Therefore, the feed mouth shall ensure timely feeding, and the discharging port shall ensure that the material can be transported to the designated place in time to ensure the continuous and efficient production of the impact crusher.

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